1. There is freedom in riding a motorcycle. We've all heard and said that, and it's true, but it's not completely true. The complete truth is that riding offers many freedoms, not just one.

  1. There's something about the Missouri River that arouses a deep yearning in me, and whenever I hear it referred to as The Big Muddy, I go to a different time.

  1. I stop at a gas station in Rich Hill and a smiling fellow walks on over. He looks at my license plate and asks, "California?" "Yep," I say. And then he asks the question that bikers get asked more often than any other. "Bet your butt hurts, don't it?" I answer, "Damn right!" but honestly, that's not the truth. The truth is that my butt never hurts when I'm riding. Never. That is, until I'm ten miles from my next stop. Evidently, there's something about ten-miles-away that wakes up this Pavlovian Dog Gene I have. It's odd. I'll be riding along just as butt-comfy as can be, but as soon as I'm ten-miles-away, my butt starts screaming in agony like it's being ripped to shreds by a bloodthirsty Rottweiler.

  1. This is one of those awkward moments when you realize you didn't do the obvious. Why does this only happen when I'm talking with a pretty woman?

  1. Find beauty in all things; the grand and the minute, the sublime and the vulgar.

  1. Truly, the dead and the dying give us many gifts.

  1. A few seconds later, my front end drops down about two inches and I'm riding on nothing but the front rim while the tire is wiggling all over the place. It feels like I'm riding a pogo stick on a rockslide. I finally get to the shoulder and stop. When my heart rate dips below 150, I calmly take a full analysis of the situation and discover two things: I'm still upright and the front tire is, indeed, flat.

  1. The moment you adopt the philosophy of  "good enough" you're on that

   dusty road to a mediocre deadend.

  1. For dinner, there are corn dogs, several different kinds of barbecue (all spicy hot), pulled pork sandwiches, tri-tip walking tacos, ribs, and beef and chili bowls. I get the feeling that the nearest vegetable is sitting on a dark, lonely shelf in Des Moines, so this is my kind of place.

  1. I meet farmers from Nebraska, business people from Pennsylvania and a dentist from Arizona. I see Santa Claus, Elvis, a leprechaun, a dog wearing leather chaps and goggles, and a guy carrying a pet duck in a purse. I'm not surprised by any of them.

  1. You can outrun your destiny on the open road and you can choose the road.

  1. Getting lost in a big city is a common occurrence after riding for days on open roads. You get used to the wide-open spaces and going where and when you want at the speed you want. Then, when you get into big city congestions, you feel like a gymnast in a suit of armor that's a size too small.

  1. Is the beauty of a sunset any less because it ends?

  1. I go straight to the bathroom and warm my hands under the hot air hand dryer. In my current condition I'm thinking it's one of the greatest inventions ever.

  1. I've long since learned that a good waitress knows everything there is to know about everything, and if you have good manners, she'll happily tell you everything you want to know about anything.

  1. Never try to get directions from a guy standing next to a bicycle in front of a bar.

  1. Wherever you heart resides, go there.

•  Ride Big, Ride Long, Ride Free.

  1.   As long as Freedoms exist, we will ride;

   As long as we ride, Freedoms will exist.

  1. I’ve long since been of the opinion that “home” is wherever you plant

   your boots, which is why I don’t have an aversion to cheap motels.

   Or sleeping on the ground.

•  Don't worry, you can be a little stupid and still get there.

    (Sage advice from a wise Wyoming woman)

  1. There's an at-a-distance beauty to the desert of Nevada, an inviting vacancy, an untamed aesthetic.

  1. As soon as I cross into Oklahoma, I get an irrepressible urge to say things like "I reckon" and "Set a spell." So I go along and begin to practice a cowboy accent, which makes the miles and the clouds just gallop on by. After an hour, I'm sounding pretty authentic and thinking I might switch out my helmet for a cowboy hat.

  1. In the still and gloaming air, the mountains silhouetted against an indigo sky and utter silence all around, I find a different kind of peace.

  1. It had been raining heavily for a quite a while and when I get back home, most of my stuff is wet. Even part of my sleeping bag. I swear, the standing water at the back end of my tent is deep enough for bass fishing. I immediately come to the firm belief that the concept of "dry" cannot be overrated.

  1. It's so hot, there are times when I'm overcome with ecstasy just from seeing something that looks like a memory of a shadow. It's so hot, my kickstand digs a two-inch hole in the asphalt and the simple act of breathing is like washing my mouth out with the oil leaking out of an overheated '48 Harley Panhead.

  1. Hers was the soft passion that changed my destiny.

  1. Freedom is the wellspring of all triumphs, great and beautiful and joyous.

  1. The marvelous views, grand and minute, never end and all you have to do is look. Just engage in the simple, effortless act of looking. When you do

   that, only that, you see magic, sights you never imagined, and you realize

   again how utterly fine this world is.

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The best bike is the one you’re on;

The best road is the one you’re traveling;

The best destination is wherever you’re headed;

The best time to get there is whenever you arrive.

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